This could be the scariest prank ever, if I had someone to play it on:

Step 1. Trick the victim into graphing this slightly modified version of Tupper’s Self-Referential Formula:

\displaystyle z= \left\lfloor \mathrm{mod} \left( \left\lfloor{\frac{y}{7}}\right\rfloor 2^{-7\lfloor x \rfloor - \mathrm{mod}(\lfloor y \rfloor, 7)}, 2 \right) \right\rfloor

in the region, say -10 \leq x \leq 150, n \leq y \leq n+8, where n=


Step 2. Existential terror.

(Graphing the formula in that rectangle gives you the message “help! I’m trapped in a Universe factory”, which of course is a reference to this classic xkcd)

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  1. christopherolah says:

    That would be quite a prank.

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